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Because of animals that will be involved in this event is helping the government program for the preservation of animals, thus causing change of event dates. the event the event which will be held on saturday, March 9th 2013 Change into Saturday, March 30th 2013. For time and event locations not change. and for customer who already have tickets, can still use that tickets. For more info please contact KiOSTiX Call Center: 021-531 63240 or email: cs@kiostix.com.

Story about Prophet Noah is an well-known story in the history of human civilization. Where God punished the world and everyone in it by shedding a very large flood which caused the world sunk.
But in the midst of HIS judgments, God remained express HIS love for man by saving Noah, his family, also all animals inside an ark.

Based on this story then we make it into Musical theater Performances that puts conflicts of faith with background a real situation in the community at that time.

With the support of 100 drama players and dancers will make a very lively colossal performances. "Noah Ark" Musical Performances also be played in "live" both singing and music. With more than 50 animals, supported by Taman Safari Indonesia will also enliven the atmosphere. Dolby sound, Professional lighthing, also magnitude of the SICC stage used will make this "Noah Ark" Musical Performances into the biggest in Indonesia.

Music, environment, also good values inside this Musical Performance of "Noah Ark" would be very suitable for viewing by all ages, children also adults.

Sentul International Convention Center (SICC)
venue detail



2 hrs

March 2013

30 March 201310:00Sentul International Convention Center (SICC)
30 March 201315:00Sentul International Convention Center (SICC)
Normal Price:
Cat1 - Gold: IDR 450.000,-
Cat2 - Silver: IDR 350.000,-
Cat3 - Red: IDR 250.000,-
Cat4 - Blue: IDR 100.000,-
* all categories is numbered seat


Early Bird Price (Until February 22nd 2013):
Cat1 - Gold: IDR 400.000,-
Cat2 - Silver: IDR 300.000,-
Cat3 - Red: IDR 200.000,-
Cat4 - Blue: IDR 75.000,-