Finally CNBLUE’s will perform their 1st solo concert in Singapore!

The 4-member rock band, C.N. was short for Code Name and B.L.U.E represented each of the member’s personals, consisting of ‘Burning’ Lee Jong Hyun (Lead vocals, guitar), ‘Lovely’ Kang Min Hyuk (Drums, vocals), ‘Untouchable’ Lee Jung Shin (Bass guitar, vocals), and ‘Emotional’ Jung Yong Hwa (Lead guitar, vocals), whom has been making waves since their debut in Japan and South Korea.

CNBLUE, as the hottest band ever in k-pop scene, their unforgettable title tracks ‘Intuition’, ‘I’m a loner’, ‘Hey You’ from their respective albums have won many awards and top various music charts. Their music gave the Korean pop music industry a refreshing jolt, which made them different from others.

In 2013, CNBLUE are back with their latest album, Re:BLUE, which includes their own compositions. They are embarking on their world tour and Singapore is the 2nd stop! Get ready to rock the night away with CNBLUE in their solo concert to Singapore for the first time!

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Singapore Indoor Stadium
venue detail

April 2013

13 April 201319:00Singapore Indoor Stadium
Free Standing (Moon Zone) - S$258
Free Standing (Pen B) - S$228
Free Standing (Pen C) - S$228
Standard - S$228, S$198, S$168, S$138, S$108, S$28
Restricted View - S$108