In 1987, with the formation of Pre Budidharma, Dwiki Dharmawan, Indra Lesmana, Gilang Ramadhan, Donny Suhendra and Trie Utami, Krakatau released their debut album and catapulted hits "Gemilang", which is the first release sold 800 thousand pieces of tape. Continues in second album , 1988, scoring hits "La Samba Primadonna". Through the second album, Krakatau popularity skyrocketed. they then dubbed as the country's leading superfusionband. they are considered to be one of the key figures behind the more shrill sounds of jazz / fusion in the ground water, in era of the 1980s.

Unlike other bands, the 6 Personnel Krakatau is like 6 very solid pillars. Music and their vocal abilities are superb and produce songs rich chord with qualified quality. This causes Krakatau songs rarely sung by someone else.

In 1989, the album "Kembali Satu" born with music that feels lighter and crisp. From this album, appearing hits 'Kembali Satu' and 'Kau Datang', the album and the single sold more than 2 million copies. In 1992, the formation of Krakatoa turned into Dwiki, Pre, Trie Utami and drummer rejoins Budhy Haryono. This lineup released Let There Be Life that catapulted the song "Sekitar Kita". In this album, they include a guest musician, Dewa Iwan Budjana and Wiradz. While Indra form together with Gilang and Donny Indra Java Jazz, pop-rock group also, Adegan.

Although they are not within a group, they still make music with a very high intensity performances to date. Indra Lesmana as active lately with its LLW group has released 2 albums with recordings. Trie Utami, outside her many busy singing, writing, and others, as well as a fluttering fast respected judges in many talent show.

Donny Suhendra, actively performing with blues and jazz. He recently performed with Big City Blues, Donny Suhendra Project and Fusion Power Trio and became a teacher of many young guitarists. Meanwhile Gilang Ramadhan, active in music education. He founded GRSB, throughout the country, as well Dwiki Farabi Dharmawan with his music school. Dwiki very active traveling to all corners of the archipelago and the world, performing music exploration and performed in various international jazz festivals.

But apparently, after a rather long without reunion, they turned out to "be re-united by nature". Call it so. That the best time, will come at the right time indeed. They first, look back to their past and to meet and chat. From there, they took the initiative to re-appear together.

Not necessarily be just a mere reunion. Just roll out the reunion and reminisce, between them and with the fans from the past. For this reason, agreed to post the title, Kembali Satu. Affirming, the desire to go back for sure, obviously, and prepared. And .... must give meaning for the Indonesian music!

Krakatau's sixth personnel are eager, to re-enliven the Indonesian music. Sow positive energy, through a piece of music and songs they have been so well known in the over 25-something years ago. Play together again, certainly with contemporary energy. Provide motivation for the birth of the musical ideas and fresh, especially for young people, in today's generation.

Of course, they had signaled early on, it was likely that their musical ideas evolve more. And produce a new song, of course this is not impossible ...

In the mid 2013's, Krakatau agree with confident, Kembali Satu, all six walk together again.

The Sahid Rich Hotel - Yogyakarta
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May 2013

25 May 201319:00Imperial Ballroom, The Sahid Rich Hotel Yogyakarta
Cat1 - Diamond: IDR 1.000.000,- (seat numbered)
Cat2 - Gold: IDR 750.000,- (seat numbered)
Cat3 - Silver: IDR 500.000,- (free seating)
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Cat5 - Pelajar: IDR 150.000,- (for Student only - free seating)
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    Cat5 - Pelajar: IDR 120.000,- (for Student only - free seating)
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    * Pelajar Category buyer must show Student ID on the event day, if not we'll charge as a Bronze category
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