Adventurously Fun!

Located in Sentul Nirwana area, Sentul City - Bogor, Jungleland Adventure Theme Park has an area of 35ha with more than 41 rides and attractions that can be enjoyed every day.

Until now, Jungleland Adventure Theme Park is still the largest in Indonesia. Jungleland not only provides a variety of rides for all ages with each unique concept, but also provide thousands of culinary menu from a variety of cafes and restaurants with a sense of luxury for you and your beloved family.

Additionally Jungleland Adventure Theme Park is also equipped with a very wide parking area, which can accommodate 1000 cars and 3000 motorcycles, as well as 300 tour buses. With background Gunung Pancar, Jungleland Adventure Theme Park invites you and your beloved family to immediately enjoy the Adventure World.

Jungleland Adventure Theme Park:

  • Has a large area, 35ha
  • Has 4 zones with a unique concept and different from each other
  • Science Centre has the largest and most comprehensive in Indonesia
  • strategic location
  • Variation complete game for all ages
  • Affordable prices


Is not T-Rex, Brontosaurus and the Pterodactyl extinct millions ago? But why the dinosaurs are still breathing and voiced?

Find the answer in Wahana Ekspedisi Pra Sejarah! First in Indonesia that could give better experience to millions of years ago. Begin enjoyed by riding an open jeep along 265 meters on the track and get a real adventure with 23 dinosaurs in their natural habitat! Dinosaurs highest in Southeast Asia in the Adventure Theme Park!

Jungleland Adventure Theme Park, enter the world of exciting adventures and enjoy a day full of joy!


As part of the preparation for the Science Centre, Jungleland Adventure Theme Park organized Science Exhibition with the main theme "ROBOT ZOO", which starts from April to June 2013 and in collaboration with the Science Centre Singapore, with support from LIPI (Indonesian Institute of Sciences). In the first ROBOT ZOO exhibition in Indonesia, visitors can learn science and technology robots that move and also interactive!

There are many robots that will fill the ROBOT ZOO, call it Grasshopper Robot, Giraffe Robot, Bats Robot, Rhino Robot and many more. Not only that, visitors can also learn simple sciences, such as: electromagnetic, acceleration, how to make soaps and much more.

Jungleland Adventure Sentul Nirwana Sentul City Bogor
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Opening Hours

01 November 2013 - 31 December 2014

Monday to Friday from 09:00AM - 06:00PM
Saturday to Sunday from 09:00AM - 06:00PM


Adult/Children above 80 cm
WEEKDAY (Monday-Friday) : IDR 150.000-
WEEKEND / Saturday-Sunday (Public Holiday): IDR 200.000,-

* only for 1 times entry.
** ticket valid only for the date as printed only.