Adventurously Fun!

Located in Sentul Nirwana area, Sentul City - Bogor, Jungleland Adventure Theme Park has an area of 35ha with more than 41 rides and attractions that can be enjoyed every day.

Until now, Jungleland Adventure Theme Park is still the largest in Indonesia. Jungleland not only provides a variety of rides for all ages with each unique concept, but also provide thousands of culinary menu from a variety of cafes and restaurants with a sense of luxury for you and your beloved family.

Additionally Jungleland Adventure Theme Park is also equipped with a very wide parking area, which can accommodate 1000 cars and 3000 motorcycles, as well as 300 tour buses. With background Gunung Pancar, Jungleland Adventure Theme Park invites you and your beloved family to immediately enjoy the Adventure World.

Jungleland Adventure Theme Park:
  • Has a large area, 35ha
  • Has 4 zones with a unique concept and different from each other
  • Science Centre has the largest and most comprehensive in Indonesia
  • strategic location
  • Variation complete game for all ages
  • Affordable prices
Teen, Adult | 130 cm +
Ready to spin and swung on a giant plate to a height of 15 meters? The sensation is very different! New rides and First in Indonesia!

Child, Teen, Adult
Is not T-Rex, Brontosaurus and the Pterodactyl extinct millions ago? But why the dinosaurs are still breathing and talking?

Water Flume
Child, Teen, Adult | 100 cm +
Gliding on the water with family on the track along 152 meters! Come immediately try and carefully wet!

Happy Swing
Child, Teen, Adult | 100 cm +
Giant swing ride, where you and the whole family will be swung as high as possible!

Boat Blaster
Child, Teen, Adult | 120 cm +
Let attack Your opponent! prepared for wet and certainly will make the atmosphere more FUN. The first rides in Indonesia

Child, Teen, Adult | 100 cm +
Ready to get wet? Rafting FIRST ever in the theme park. Let's try, because that is safe for the whole family!

Teen, Adult | 130 cm +
Swung on a giant pendulum with a slope of 102 degrees and a height of 20 feet, is guaranteed to be the adrenaline boost. Let's try this one!

Harvest Time
Child, Teen, Adult | 130 cm +
Ride height and cornering, sliding and spinning again at high speed. Come racing with adrenaline rides this one!

Child, Teen, Adult | 80 cm +
the thrill of spinning with a height of 45 meters, where visitors can enjoy the beauty of the natural surroundings from above the height of this rides.

Find a variety of restaurants and cafes serving nationwide till international culinary. The price is affordable and very fun atmosphere!

Jungleland Adventure Sentul Nirwana Sentul City Bogor
venue detail


Opening Hours

valid on selected days

Monday to Thursday from 10:00 AM - 06:00PM
Friday from 10:00 AM - 08:00 PM
Saturday to Sunday from 09:00AM - 08:00PM

High season period:

July 19th 2014 - 10 August 2014
December 20th 2014 - Januari 4th 2014

Open from 09.00AM - 09.00PM


Adult/Children above 80 cm
WEEKDAY (Monday-Thursday) : IDR 90.000-
WEEKEND / Saturday-Sunday : IDR 130.000,-
HEboh juMAT (Friday) : IDR 75.000-
High Season (Public Holiday) : IDR 155.000-

- only for 1 times entry.
- ticket valid for 3 months since transaction purchased
- for WEEKDAY, WEEKEND & HEboh juMAT is not valid on Holiday Season.
  1. Bring enough money
  2. use relax shirt and comfortable or easy to absorb sweat
  3. Bring hat and sun glasses
  4. Use flat footwear (flat shoes or sandals)
  5. Bring equipment and personalized medicine
  6. Bring umbrella or rain coat as the preparation when it rains
  7. Advised not bring valuable goods
  8. Always keep an eye on your family, especially those who are still under age
  9. Use sunblock for reduce heat of the sun
  10. Don't force yourself to keep playing
  1. Before choose rides manage your time and plan your rides on there
  2. Read listed rules before drive every ride.
  3. Do not force yourself to queue in a ride has long queue, look for a ride that is not queued first.
  4. If there were queue in one ride, buy VIP Pass in locket or ask to officer for avoid the queues.
  5. If want to choose adrenalin ride rest of the body prior to normalization, after that look for a normal vehicle.
  6. Never choose extreme rides when you have heart problems, look for regular rides.
  7. If choose extreme ride don't closed his eyes, but point to distant view likes the sky or towards the mountains.
  8. Scream at full power to feel the sensation of the rides, do not be silent.
  9. If it rains, Don't play outdoor rides, choose indoor likes Rumah Jelangkung, or Dunia Dino, or out to Downtown to eat first.
  10. If choose extreme rides, don't ever bring stuff in pockets, Leave to officers on guard.
  11. If extreme dizziness after boarding rides, immediately ask health workers to help, or go to the nearest clinic.