Tari Kontemporer
“In Between”

What is been told through what we see and what through what we can’t see, but still happens?

Artistic Team:
Davit Fitrik (Dancer/Choreography) - Indonesia
Benny Krisnawardi (Dancer/Choreography) - Indonesia
Syahrial Tando (Musician/Composer) - Indonesia
Helly Minarti (Dramaturgy) – Indonesia
Katia Engel (Artistic Director, Video) – Germany

The performance piece “in between” is a research on stillness and transition. It is about the moments, during which apparently nothing happens, but without these moments, no change could happen.The project is based on the movement vocabulary of Pencak Silat Harimau (Minangkabau, West Sumatra) and the interpretations of what the artistic team describes as the space “in between”.

In combination with the movement vocabulary, the visual translation of the concept is an essential part of the work. There will be a large-scale video projection throughout the stage work, dividing the stage work into three distinct parts, and approaching the concept of the dance work from three different angles.

Gedung Kesenian Jakarta
venue detail

June 2013

23 June 201320:00Gedung Kesenian Jakarta
CAT 1: IDR 100.000,-
CAT 2 (balcony): IDR 75.000,-
Ticket Collection on Event day (June 23rd 2013) at the Event Venue (Gedung Kesenian Jakarta).
Please bring your ID Card, Printed voucher and email booking confirmation.