Mata Elang International Stadium or MEIS is an international music stadium located at Ancol Dreamland, Jakarta, Indonesia with the capacity of 20,000 people at the top of the building..
Other interesting places that near to Ancol Dreamland Park are Mangga Dua Square (about 1-2 km away from Ancol), and Kota Tua, about 2-5 km away from Ancol. There’re many interesting spot you can visit at Kota Tua area, such as Jakarta History Museum, Wayang Museum, Fineart and Ceramic Museum, Maritime Museum, Sunda Kelapa Harbor, Kota Intan Bridge, Syahbandar Tower and old building inheritance of Dutch colonial time. On the Dutch colonialization time in Indonesia, Kota Tua area was a city well known as Batavia.

There’re several transportation alternatives for Jaya Ancol Dreamland Park visitors in order to reach the area:

By taxi or TransJakarta Busway. To reach Ancol by busway you can use the fourth corridor, route from Kampung Melayu to Ancol.  As an alternative you can tak the busway from first corridor, which route from Blok M to Kota Tua. Later you reach Kota Tua busway station, you can take taxi, bajaj or other public transportation to reach Ancol Dreamland Park. The closest Ancol games facility to TransJakarta Busway terminal is Dunia Fantasy (Fantasy World).

You can also reach Ancol Dreamland Park by public transportation facilities from Tanjung Priok Terminal, Senin Terminal, Kota Tua Terminal and Grogol Terminal.

Ancol touring train. The management of Jaya Ancol Dreamland Park provides touring train from other cities around Jakarta such as Bogor, Depok, Bekasi, Serpong and Tangerang. The touring train operated on Sunday and holidays. You may see Ancol touring train schedule as follow:

-Tangerang to Ancol, depart at 08.05 am and return at 16.05 pm. Ticket fare is Rp19,500 (including return ticket).

-Serpong to Ancol, depart at 08.30 am and return at 17.05. Ticket fare Rp19,500 (including return ticket).

-Bekasi to Ancol, depart at 08.30am and return at 16.05pm. Ticket fare is Rp19,500 (including return ticket).

-Depok to Ancol, depart at 08.48am and return at 17.05pm. Ticket fare is Rp19,500 (including return ticket).

-Bogor to Ancol, depart at 08.25am and return at 17.05pm. Ticket fare is Rp22,500 (including return ticket).



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