VIP Rp. 1.235.000 
Regular Rp. 845.000 
Early Entry (Present before 4 PM) Rp. 617.500 

* price exclude convenience fee 3% + Rp. 5.000 (Credit Card) (non refundable) | Rp. 5.000 (Bank Transfer) (non refundable) | 2% + Rp. 1.500 (Indomaret) (non refundable)

LaLaLa Festival is one of the biggest forest festival in Bandung. The event which is brought by THE Group managed to attract the interest of music enthusiast, party goers and young generation who seek for something new in terms of festival. LaLaLa fest brings a new wave of festival with a forest ambiance and international artist as one of the main aspects of the festival.

LaLa-La came about to shift the paradigm that is currently occurring in Bandung. An event of LaLaLa’s caliber and concept has never been done in all of Indonesia. LaLaLa is a representative of the greeneries and cool air that is surrounding Bandung. It is an event that will be attended not just for the attraction and entertainment value but also for the climate and unique scene.

A forest theme has been chosen for this event. The location in Orchid Forest Cikole is Mother Nature in its purest form. It’s surrounded by tall pine trees and the quite sound of the wind. LaLaLa gives a new ambiance for the Millennial crowd to enjoy. It is the first event in Bandung that delivers a different experience. Where else can a forest be used in such a way as a channel that administers live music concerts and carnival, furthermore it is a place where one is able to enjoy a cool and breezy weather.

This event is not only going to create an environment that is relaxing for visitors by proving them with food and beverages but also a lively and exciting atmosphere of interactive games. The ambiance at night will be created by placing colorful lights all around chosen locations in the forest for visitors to enjoy.

Coming soon.

After completing the purchase on our website and outlets, you will receive KiOSTiX's E-voucher that directly sent to your email. 

Collect your Ticket as scheduled below:

Date : Starting from D-4 to D day.
Location : At the event's venue (Orchid Forest Lembang)
Requirements : Bring e-voucher and identity card that has been registered

Age Limit

  • Visitors under 12 years old are recommended to be accompanied by an adult
  • Lalala Festival is intended for all ages
  • Visitors are required to show ID (KTP/Copy of Passport/Driving License/ID Card) for entering the venue also for ticket exchange
  • Visitors who do not have a valid ID with a photo are not allowed to enter the venue, cannot redeem the ticket and cannot get a refund


  • Visitors are not allowed to camp or stay the night in the festival area, the official camp has already been prepared by the organizer
  • All visitors are required to exchange ticket or e-ticket to a wristband before entering the venue. Information on ticket exchange will be notified several weeks before D-day
  • All purchases of alcohol at the venue during the event must be aged 21 years & over
  • All purchases of cigarettes must be aged 18 years & over
  • Sellers who are not the official tenants of Lalala Festival are not allowed to sell in all areas of the festival
  • The distribution of posters, leaflets, flyers or any kind of promotion kit without the permission of the organizer is prohibited
  • No food and beverages from outside
  • Visitors are required to wear our official wristband while in the festival area. Wristband cannot be lost and it is recommended to protect wristband from any damages
  • If the wristband is lost, visitors will not be allowed to enter the festival
  • All visitors who do not have a valid wristband will be expelled from the festival area, without exception
  • The organizer is not responsible of any kind of cancellation made from the performers or artists. However, it is possible that there will be a replacing of the artists. If that occurs, there will be no ticket refunds.
  • Due to several reasons, a few areas cannot be entered by visitors
  • The organizer is not responsible for any transportation or accommodation fee paid by visitors if festival has to be cancelled or reschedule
  • No ticket refund.
  • The organizer restricts all visitors that are very drunk, are using drugs, or are in unhealthy condition for entering festival area. Visitors who bring prohibited drugs, weapons and/or any kind of prohibited things will not be allowed to enter the area and will be reported to the authorities. If that occurs, there will be no refund.
  • Careless visitors who are disrupting the running of the event or behaving indecently, and visitors who reject to obey the rules will be immediately expelled from the festival area. If this occurs, there will be no ticket refunds
  • Visitors that are expelled from the venue because of the above reasons will not be allowed to re-enter festival area
  • Visitors without ticket or a valid ID will be expelled from festival area. The committee may report to the authorities and may ask for a compensation for entering illegally
  • Personal belongings are visitors’ responsibility
  • The committee, promotor and performers are not responsible for any accidents in all festival areas
  • The committee will not use personal data that are given when buying the ticket without permission


All visitors must agree to be checked on personal belonging and a body check before entering the venue. The committee has the right to reject or expel people from festival area if the rules are unfollowed. Those rules can change anytime with or without concerns.

  • Terms and conditions must be read carefully
  • Purchased tickets are non-refundable and cannot be returned or cancelled
  • Lalala Festival is intended for all ages
  • All given data are valid (KTP/Passport/SIM/ID) and are subject to the regulations on ticket checking
  • E-ticket cannot be sold
  • E-ticket is not the official ticket to enter festival area
  • All buyers must exchange e-ticket to wristband
  • E-ticket should be printed and should be brought along with the valid ID and payment receipt when exchanging to a wristband
  • E-ticket is valid for one wristband
  • Barcode will be transferred for conversion to a wristband
  • The committee has the right to check the wristband for the sake of security
  • You will only receive one wristband from one barcode
  • Wristband cannot be transferred and returned
  • Wristband can be exchanges if there is a mistake from the committee only
  • Lost wristband might cause the loss of all rights for claiming a new wristband
  • Buyers are subject to Indonesia’s regulations
  • By printing this e-ticket, you must agree to the terms and condition, also agree to prevent the organizer from a lawsuit through courts or any means allowed by the law

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