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SUPERBALL.ID JAKARTA - Persija Jakarta will certainly host Barito Putera at Patriot Stadium, Bekasi City, West Java, on Saturday (4/22/2017). 

Certainty was delivered directly by Assistant Manager Persija, Ardhi Tjahjoko, at Field Sutasoma, Halim, East Jakarta, Tuesday (18/04/2017). Ardhi said that Persija Management has received a recommendation letter from Mayor of Bekasi, Rahmat Effendi. The letter given by the Mayor of Bekasi is valid for one season. 

"It is certain we will play at the Patriot Stadium against Barito Putera because his letter has also come down from the Mayor of Bekasi," said Ardhi. The man who also as the Air Force Colonel added, a letter from the police will come to provide security recommendations. The letter from the police is not for one season but for every game that will be held. "According to the police, there is only a letter from the Polda Metro Jaya to Bekasi Police to give security permit," Ardhi said.

Ardhi also asked Jakmania to act appropriately during Persija competed in the Patriot Stadium. Because, if there is riot that occurred at the Patriot Stadium, then Persija can be evicted. "So I would like if Jakmania act orderly and obedient, but I think Jakmania also has grown up," said Ardhi.

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