Center - Upper Section  Rp.300.000
 Center - Lower Section  Rp.250.000
 Wing - Upper Section  Rp.200.000
 Wing - Lower Section  Rp.150.000
 Balcony  Rp.100.000

* price exclude convenience fee 3% + IDR 5.000 (Credit Card) | IDR 5.000 (Bank Transfer) (non refundable)


West Side Story tells the love story in the midst of a gang rivalry between the white gang “Jets” and their Puerto Rican enemy “Sharks” who respectively hate each other and who battle each other for territory in their neighborhood. 
The story escalates when Tony, a former Jets and best friend of Jet’s leader -Riff, and Maria, the Shark’s leader’s sister, spot each other across the crowded room and fall in love at first sight. Torn by their warring sides, Tony and Maria plan to run away from it all. Meanwhile, the gang’s upcoming rumble to fight for the power in the streets complicates things. Hoping they can put an end to this, Maria sends Tony to stop the rumble. The story goes terribly wrong and takes a devastating turn into one of the most heartbreaking tragedies of all time.

Coming soon.

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