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  1. How To Buy?
    Please follow the step to buy by first "Login" to your account and choose the event with click more info / button BUY NOW / BUY TICKET.
    • Step #1Login (register), browse your favorite event, have more information 
    • Step #2 – View Event Information and select Event Date & Time
    • Step #3 – Choose your ticket Category & Quantity
    • Step #4 – View your ticket purchase Summary & Payment Method information
    • Step #5 – Order Completed, please check your email

  2. Payment Method
    • Mandiri Clickpay
    • CIMB Clicks
    • ATM Bersama
    • Visa/Master
    • Free Of Charge
  3. Booking Time Limit 
    The time limit to buy will be expired after 10 minutes, your reserved seat or quota GA (General Admission) had been block. But if you cancel or don't pay until the time runs out, your block will be released again to public. So please have the purchase confirmation before the time limit.
  4. Email Booking Confirmations
    Email Booking Confirmations will be sent to your email that be registered after your order completed (please also check your Inbox/ junk mailbox folder).
  5. Seat Allocations
    Seat Allocations only appear if the event used reserved seat method. After pick quantity, continue, seating will appear. the seat you chose printed at your order.
    It should be noted that not all events can make the selection of your own chair. For events that can't choose a seat, a seat will be allocated / chosen automatically by the system.

  6. Restricted View seats
    In some places, the construction stage or the set for the show will often lead to the presence of the chairs were not able to see the full view of the stage. The seat is considered to have obstructed or have a limited view and will be shown in the chart seat map.

What should I do if my ticket is lost or stolen?
In order to expedite resolutions to lost/stolen ticket(s), please prepare the following information before calling KiOSTiX Customer Service Officer(s) at +6221-717-93750 for assistance or CS@KIOSTIX.COM

Kindly prepare some information related as follow:
– Information about the event purchased 
– Number of tickets purchased
– Date and venue when make the of purchase 
– Payment Method  
– KiOSTiX account number
– Name and ID number (KTP/ SIM/ Paspor) 
– Stolen Report from local police station for getting the ticket replacement 

Only tickets for Reserved Seating (RS) can be replaced (service fee, terms and conditions applied).
Lost / Stolen General Admission (GA) tickets cannot be replaced. 

  1. Please note that some method of collection tickets
    • Ticket Collection at KiOSTiX Outlets 
    • Ticket Collection at Venue of the event
  2. Supporting documents for collect the tickets
    • ID card (KTP/ SIM/ Paspor) Identity in accordance registered name.
    • Bring the voucher(s) / print and bring the e-voucher(s)
  3. For representatives who comes in your name, then he/she should submit:
    • Photocopy of ID card (KTP/ SIM/ Paspor) in accordance registered name; 
    • Photocopy of Credit Card used for the transaction (only the front side of the credit card) in accordance registered name of the buyer;
    • Original ID card (KTP/ SIM/ Paspor) of the representatives;
    • Letter of Authorization (Power of Attorney) signed by the authorizing with legal stamp (materai Rp.6,000.-) and also signed by the given power;
  4. Important Note:
    • Authorized Agent reserves the right to not give you a ticket if the above documents are not available or valid.
    • Procedures and time collection tickets may change  at any time depending on the rules / information from the organizers of the event. Will announce collection time and place via Email, Website and our Social Media.
  5. Sent directly to the email :
    • E-Ticket
      Electronic document that is emailed to you to go to a specific event. Each copy contains a unique barcode that can only be used by one person.
    • Download & Print E-Ticket
    • E-tickets/E-voucher will be sent via e-mail in PDF format along with a confirmation email. Please note that there may be several pages of E-ticket and each ticket is required for each person to enter. Each copy can only be used by one person.
    • Resend E-Ticket
    • E-Voucher

      An e-voucher (electronic voucher) is an electronic document that is emailed to you as a proof of purchasing a ticket. Each copy contains a unique barcode that can be exchange by one person with a valid ticket.

      A specific pick up location will be informed via email, Website and Kiostix.com - Social Media

  1. Can I cancel and refund the ticket(s) that I already purchased?
    Please note that ticket(s) purchased can not be canceled and the refund is not possible. Unless there has been a cancellation of the event by the promoter/ organizer of the event, stated with specific terms and conditions. 
  2. What happens when a show is canceled or postponed?
    An announcement will be made or published by the promoter/ the event organizer; and we shall inform  all patrons holding the ticket(s) where we will prepare the follow up with further information following the specific terms and conditions.
  3. Why refund can not be done at one of the outlets KiOSTiX?
    The procedure refund is determined by the applicable rules of the audit and the valid document(s) as needed. Currently, refunds will be contacted further by our customer service (cs@kiostix.com) It should be noted that refunds can only be made if the event is canceled by the promoter/ the event organizer with specific terms and conditions.
  4. I make online purchases. My credit card funds have been cut but the transaction is not successful and I don’t receive email confirmation, what should I do?
    Please send an email to cs@kiostix.com and chronicles/ proof of purchase as follow:

    • Explaining details of the transaction: Event, Category, Quantity and the total price paid
    • Credit card number that used in the transaction to facilitate tracking by our finance team (16 digits listed in front of the Credit Card). Our customer service will confirm within 3 x 24 hours (Monday – Friday on a weekday), but if within the specified time have not received confirmation, please re-confirm by email

  5. If the online transaction fails but after check by the Kiostix and the fund has been cut, can I get my ticket?
    Further checks will be carried out by our finance team after data collection by team CS (Customer Service). If it is true funding has been cut but the transaction is not successfully entered into our system then we will confirm back via email within 2 x 24 hours (working hours) after the initial chronological email reply.

    If you have received a confirmation from our CS team and the fund has been entered, then the transaction can proceed (purchase at forward) or the funds can be in the refund directly to the credit card numbers listed. The length of the refund depends on the credit card issuing bank is used after receiving confirmation from the customer.
  6. If the online transaction fails has been confirmed and I want to continue the transaction, can I get a same numbers seat?
    If the previously categories purchased is a GA (General Admission) without a seat numbers, then we can continue the transaction in accordance chronological had written previously.

    However, if the previously categories purchased as a RS (Reserved Seats) or have a seat number, then we will trade with a number of nearby seat of previous failed transaction. We will confirm by phone before the transaction, especially for the numbered seat category.

All refund process subject to the terms and conditions, normally all purchased ticket(s)/ voucher(s)/ E-ticket(s)/ E-voucher(s) will eligible for refund/ return/ exchanges for whatever the reason. It only applicable for certain condition(s) for example due to the cancelation of an event or any other conditions confirmed by the event owner.

In case needed, then consumer need to submit the information as follow:

Sent email to:  CS@KIOSTIX.COM 
Subject : REFUND[space]EVENT NAME
Buyer Name:
Transaction ID:
Ticket Quantity:
The Place of Purchase:
Payment Method:
Account / Credit Card No. (must be the same as the name of the buyer):
Destination Bank Account:
Information of the destination Bank Account (branch office):

*The buyer’s name and The owner account (at KiOSTiX.com) must be same. if there’s any difference, please attach a letter of authorization.
*For all purchases (online and offline) convenience fee is not refundable). 
*The funds will be  transfer to owner bank account (as submitted in the previous reporting email to cs@kiostix.com); if somehow the transfer rejected by the bank (in most common condition happen because the name of the bank account number and name given to us in the previous email does not match, an additional transfer fee IDR 10.000,- (shall be deducted from the amount of the money tickets), and we will inform you to revise the given information. 

  1. Why KiOSTiX need my personal information?
    The personal information given is to protect your own transaction(s) which is also to enable us to give the latest update, related information and changes regarding the event(s); for example if there is a venue changes or even cancelation.
  2. Why ID card / driving license / ID card number of other identification required when booking tickets?
    This is to protect you from any unauthorized person misused your ticket or your booking confirmation.
  1. Are cameras and/or video cameras allowed at venues? 
    Audio and video equipment for recording are not allowed in general and in certain places. Typically, where the event will prompt you to save your recording device; following each event(s) terms and conditions.
  2. What are the risks if  You purchase tickets from authorized ticket vendors?
    We advise you/ customer/ member of KiOSTiX not to buy ticket(s) from any other unofficial agent(s).
    First, You might not get in because the ticket may have been lost or stolen and the owner of the original ticket has been issued a new ticket.
    Second, if the event is postponed or canceled, then you will not be able to claim a refund because it is unlikely that you will be able to meet the verification process requirement.

  3. I do not live in Indonesia and / or do not have a local address. Will I still be able to buy tickets for the Indonesian event of KiOSTiX?
    Yes, you can. You can book ticket(s) through the online channel - www.kiostix.com; or calling our hotline on +6221-717-93750 or sending us email to CS@KIOSTIX.com; then follow the instructions given. 
  4. How do I find an Authorized Agent/ Outlet or the box office?
    Please click HERE to see the information
  5. How do I find the venue?
    Please click HERE to see the information
  6. I did not get any email notification?
    If you somehow did not get the email from us (KiOSTiX.com) on confirmation/ information (Registration, Request Password, or Booking Confirmation, E-voucher(s), E-Ticket(s)); please kindly check your mail spam / junk, and if you still couldn't get it please contact us at If there isn't mail, please contact our hotline on +6221-717-93750 or sending us email to CS@KIOSTIX.com